I like you writing style! I found your article very pleasent to read. Just please, when you are talking about carnivore diets, don’t use the Inuit or Masaai population as an example to justify this diet. If someone wants to be carnivore, that is fine, I am a food scientist, and I think that if someone is really happy with a specific diet and they identify with it, they should follow it. But I find it difficult to when someone justifies their diet by saying that it was done in the past, therefore it should be fine. I made a lot of research on these two populations. It is true, the diet for the Masaai is mainly meat and milk mixed with raw blood. But they also walk around 30km a week, which is not something that a Westerner would do. Also the Inuit population adapted their genetics for a diet rich in fat and developed a gene that helps them not get into ketosis but comes at the cost of high infant death rates. As you can see there are genetical difference and disadvantages that not many are talking about. In any case, I really enjoyed the way you write and I became your fan. Just wanted to point out this part.


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