I am agreeing with you in the next sentence! 😅 There are nutrients that under certain circumstances are less valuable and more harmful than others. This a spectrum, it is not a black or white division. Since our brain uses only carbohydrates to survive, then eating white bread (even if it doesn't add any micronutrients, nor fiber) is stil ok if it's not more than 10% of your daily calorie intake.

But this is not the issue here right? From your comments on the other posts, I can sense that you are disappointed by the medical/nutritional/food industry that keeps putting sugar/salt/transfats in all processed foods (even the ones that they claim to be low-fat, but instead are high sugar and high salt). You have every right to feel dissapointed and angry by the way these industries treat the food.

As a dietitian, I cannot claim certain foods are harmful, but I can only say certain foods have the potential to cause more harm than good when they reach a certain limit. Why? Because saying something is highly toxic and harmful is the first step into developing eating disorders.

On my side, this is all I wanted to say and I will not engage further in this conversation because I think the distinction between simple and complex carbs is not really the issue.


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