Registered dietitian review

  • How much salt do you need?
  • Why are we born with salt receptors?
  • Are there any benefits to salt?
  • The negative aspect of salt
  • The controversy around salt

The good: how salt saved us three times

The unconventional way

The House


The short and sweet explanation

What makes the difference

By reading kids’ books and without being a genius

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The beauty is in the people who live in its shadow

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The science behind it and how to use it to your advantage

Loss of agency a.k.a. talking to a wall

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Why evolution prefers it this way

  • 80–90% of people can adjust their routine if work/school requires it
  • 5–10% are extreme morning people
  • 5–10% are extreme evening people
  • sleeping patterns,
  • melatonin level
  • carbohydrate amounts.

The reason why skinny women still have to deal with cellulite

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The Foods That Can Make Your Night

Should you have a snack before bedtime?

  1. Less than 150 kcal
  2. Nutrient-dense
  3. Single foods rather than large mixed-meals

But … what to do if you cannot sleep?

Why Did Life Decide to Use Carbon?

The “king of the elements”

Alexandra Iulia Soare

Hi 🙋I am a food scientist! Do you want to eat healthier, but you don’t know where to start? Begin here:

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